PCD Franchise

We are looking for pharmaceutical franchise operators all over India. We offers pharmaceutical drugs which are widely appreciated for its accurate composition

We Offer

Monopoly rights, Visual Aid, Leave Behind Card, Catch Covers, Order Books, M.R. Bag, Gift Articles, Prescription Pads, Visiting Cards and many more...

Quality Assurance

We are committed towards providing high quality range of medicines to our customers as per the industrial quality standard. Stringent guiding principles are followed by us

Welcome to Brook Parker

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Since the company's inception in the year ..... , Brook Parker has progressed tremendously and become one of the most trusted Indian Pharma Company. Brook Parker has expanded its reach to virtually every corner of India by continuously adding new distributors and marketing agents across India for its products. We specialize in manufacturing a wide range of pharmaceutical products such as tablets, capsules, oral liquid, injection and ointments. The organization has been committed to providing a wide range of quality and affordable pharmaceutical drugs to a large number of healthcare professionals and medical facilities. It has been our endeavor to be one of the country's premium manufacturers of drugs to serve the purpose of contract manufacturing and development services. As one of the leading manufacturers in India, we cater to a wide spectrum of needs that may pertain to formulation development, clinical batch production, commercial scale production as well as packaging. We intend to be the ideal partner for our clients and our aim is to deliver a diverse array of quality pharmaceutical drugs to them.

Pharma PCD

Brook Parker , with its distinctive product spectrum proposes remunerative scope of franchise to the motivators of pharmaceutical distribution. At Brook Parker , we strive to develop, market and acquire products opted through therapeutic specialty. We are also committed to establish new goals to strengthen our competitive edge.
We offer bright business prospects for dynamic pharmaceutical franchise sales and marketing professionals where you can be your own boss in your territory. We welcome individuals to be the sole marketers and distributors of our unmatched product range.

Our Team

We have a team of highly qualified and highly experienced professionals that spearhead the organization under the guidance of the company's promoters who are also the board of directors. Putting behind a 100 years of total experience between the Directors. A highly qualified and devoted workforce has always been an asset to the company. All the departments are interlinked to each other by a latest management co-ordination system to synchronize the administrative, manufacturing and marketing process of the company.

Quality Assurance

The process of Quality Control and Quality Assurance starts right from the stage of procurement of raw material to delivery of finished product. Each raw material, packaging material and finished product goes through stringent quality checks. Our manufacturing operations are carried out under the most controlled of environments where quality is a prized ideal. With cutting edge machinery & excellent quality control, we work to ensure that manufacturing is carried out in a safe and reliable manner. With comprehensive systems and specialized departments for various stages such as Production, Research & Development and Marketing, we ensure that quality is never compromised at any stage of operations.

We Offer

• Timely Services & Regular Supplies. • Long Lasting Transparent Dealings. • Responsible and honest Transactions • No Supplies without your Confirmed Orders • Attractive Packing (Latest Alu Alu /Strip pack) • Most Competitive Rates • Latest Molecules • Promotional Inputs (Working Bag, Visual Aid, Product Cards,Catch Covers, Remainder Cards etc.)

About Us

Our products are manufactured in state of the art WHO GMP approved facility. The infrastructure consists of comprehensive production unit, quality control department, microbiological laboratory, raw material and finished product storage. As a trustworthy and responsible pharmaceutical company, we have made it a point to create a trustworthy brand, where our customers always associate us with innovation, quality, reliability, sustainability and excellent customer service.
We strive to create happy, healthy, and fullfilling lives for people by providing quality healthcare for every one

Our Excellence

>> State of the art WHO GMP Manufacturing facility
>> Cost efficiencies
>> Customer Centric approach
>> Packaging as per standardized dosage requirements

Image 03 Contract Manufacturing

One of our specializations is contract manufacturing where we ensure we manufacture the required pharmaceutical drug and make it easily accessible to the market. Whether our client would like us to modify or enhance an existing product, create a new drug or increase the present manufacturing capacity of particular medicine, our team of professionals combined with our infrastructure is always ready for it. We offer a wide range of solutions where we have the experience of developing pharmaceutical formulations for our some of the country's best pharmaceutical companies. We are considered to be one of the largest manufacturers of tablets, capsules, ointments, oral liquid, injections and veterinary products. Our team of specialists possesses the desired experience and expertise in developing antacids, antifungal medicines, cough and cold syrups, analgesics, infant related products, veterinary products etc. in India.